Vision Man… My Friend Tommy Barnett



If somebody asked me who was one of the greatest visionaries I had ever met — I would say, “Dr. Tommy Barnett.”  I interviewed Tommy today on television and he told the amazing story of founding THE DREAM CENTER in Los Angeles, California with his compassionate son, Matthew.  Feeding the homeless, seeing drug addicts set free, releasing men and women in addiction through the power of Christ is just the beginning of THE DREAM CENTER.  Several times through the years I have preached for Tommy at First Assembly of God in Phoenix and also had the spiritually moving experience of speaking at THE DREAM CENTER.  Tommy latest book, “THE POWER OF A HALF HOUR: Take Back Your Thirty Minutes at a Time,” is sensational!  The anecdotes in the book are classic – men and women, some now household names, who made a decided difference in their life in the span of 30 minutes.  I wonder what change of direction you could redeem in your life in just 30 valuable God-guided minutes!


“Why not change time from being your worst enemy to your everlasting friend?  It all starts with the amazing things you can do in only a half hour,” Dr. Barnett writes.  Tommy and I spent more than a half hour together sharing the future vision of our lives.  In his 60 fruitful years of ministry, God has used him to reach hundreds of thousands of people for Christ all over the globe.  He breathes every moment with vision, and his refreshing spirit and love is so contagious!


Dr. Barnett admonition is worth remembering every single day:  TURN YOUR FLEETING MINUTES INTO DEFINING MOMENTS!



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