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Crossing the Digital Divide

I believe God has allowed us to live at this time in history to use digital technology to speak to the entire world. For that reason, Cristie Jo and I are currently working on a documentary, And Then There Were Nones (working title), which focuses on the dramatic increase of the religiously unaffiliated growing in number. In addition, we are producing a number of ancillary products for the digital platform designed for children, youth, and adults. It is our joy to network with organizations who have the drive and passion to impact the world.

Crossing the Digital Divide

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About Jerry and Cristie Johnston


Jerry and Cristie Johnston have spoken in a wide variety of venues (900 cities/1,200 churches) to millions of people internationally, authored thirteen books, executive produced numerous documentaries and media projects, consults on transmedia utilization/publishing, and raised millions of dollars for global change projects. Dr. Johnston serves as the Executive Director of the Christian Thinkers Society (www.christianthinkers.com), founded by his son, Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.D., and oversees the three-year, 50-state CTS tour in Washington, D.C. and international conferences. Due to his passion and expertise with suicidology, Jerry has been appointed the National Spokesman for the American Association of Christian Counselors (www.aacc.net) by President Tim Clinton on an innovative Suicide Prevention Strategy for adults, youth, and military veterans. Dr. Johnston is the Vice President of Innovation/Strategic Marketing at Houston Baptist University (www.hbu.edu) and both he and his wife, Dr. Cristie Johnston, are Professors of Theology in the School of Christan Thought.

And then there were


Nearly one in four American adults (23% of the U.S. adult population = 55 - 70MM people) including one in three Millennials self-identify among the growing number of "Nones" in North America, according to Pew Research. The "Nones" make up the burgeoning, religiously disaffiliated community, and their population increases every day. But why? Why are so many Americans-and even more adults in the United Kingdom-abandoning the religious traditions of their predecessors?

Drs. Jerry and Cristie Johnston are producing a documentary, television shows, digital curricula/teaching series, and currently writing a landmark book that answers the many questions posed by the "Nones" phenomenon and profiles the iconic, international advocates of atheism, secularism, sociology, philosophy, and Christian apologetics. The Johnstons are documenting the acute biblical illiteracy in North America that so closely resembles a far more advanced reality in Europe. In their over 100 filmed interviews to date, the Johnstons have listened to "Nones," "Dones," and "Deconversions" and the foremost leaders to discover what they really think about faith and science and much more. The documentary and ensuing television programs and digital products will include an emotional and informative expose of this seismic societal problem, clarify religious change agents, and prescribed thought-provoking remedies for change in their multi-year, original research that has taken them from Los Angeles to London.

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