IG Transmedia

After decades of engaging with America’s premier leaders, Drs. Jerry and Cristie Jo Johnston founded IGT to help leaders and organizations expand their reach and go to the next level of effectiveness.

IG Transmedia
  • IGT produces and licenses media, negotiates book/publishing contracts, and implements a proactive media strategy for leaders, universities, and churches.
  • IGT and its team design academic centers and builds B.A., M.A, Doctoral, and Continuing Education Certificate courses licensed by Universities and Schools. Signature academic centers work with reputable Universities through IGT to create distinctive curricula marketed to thousands of students and churches with recognized brands in collaboration.
  • IGT designs Continuing Education Certificate courses with the nation's best Subject Matter Experts for Churches where their discipleship process can continue 24/7, digitally, through the Church's website and other platforms. We build an array of the best content from the Senior Pastor and allow him to select from reputable teachers on various disciple-making enriching topics branded by the Church or Senior Pastor. IGT's IT leader will enhance the Church's website with custom software providing the equivalent of Master Class or Great Courses through Continuing branded Continuing Education Courses on a rich variety of the most critical Bible doctrines essential for believers to mature and grow strong. Digital badging and the vital integration of this digital data strengthens the robust teaching and engagement of the Church.
  • IGT produces television/streaming series derived from our nationally known clients.
  • IGT negotiates book contracts with publishers and designs transmedia marketing campaigns and events.
  • IGT designs public relations strategy and crisis media management.
Lee Strobel

My friends Jerry and Cristie Jo Johnston draw upon a lifetime of in-the-trenches experience and ministry, backed by their education, to create compelling and captivating content. Their research is unmatched in its breadth and depth, reaching both the head and heart through books, television, curricula and the internet. As a team, they are building one of the most important faith initiatives in the world today, a multifaceted, multiplatform movement. 

- Lee Strobel, best-selling author, and former investigative journalist

Jeff Thomas

Working with Jerry Johnston has been one of the joys of my life.  Where we align is our love for Jesus and our desire for others to know that love. Jerry’s skill set is unlike anything I’ve seen before. While he is a gifted orator and a powerful presence on his own, he is also a team player.  I think being married for over 40 years to his amazing wife, Cristie Jo, has something to do with that! They are true partners. Jerry’s energy, vision, and strategic planning skills are extraordinary.  He is able to take big goals and build practical steps to achieve them. Go is using his understanding of media, education, technology, and faith to help build the Kingdom of God in amazing ways.”

- Jeff Thomas, Founder and CEO of Arkos Global Partners, Houston, Texas

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