Cristie Jo

Cristie Jo JohnstonExpertise

  • Researcher/Designer
  • Creativity in strategy implementation
  • Graphic Design
  • Speaking
  • Project Execution and Organization
  • Marriage & Parenting Strength


  • Christian Critical Thinking Filming and Curriculum – Content
  • This is Christian Strong™
  • IG Transmedia (S-Corp), Managing Partner (
  • Intentional God (501-C-3)



  • BA, Midwestern Baptist College: Kansas City, MO (2007), Biblical Studies
    Awarded with Highest Honors
  • MDiv, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary: Kansas City, MO (2009), Christian Education
    Awarded with Highest Honors
  • DMin, Acadia University/Acadia Divinity College, Thesis: The Challenge Pastors And Their Families Encounter From A Period of Overwhelming Stress, And Developing A Strategy For Their Overall Health,”
  • Click here for further reading regarding my DMin education


  • Corporate Culture
  • Effective Use of Media
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Research Methods
  • Leadership and Innovation
  • Evangelism
  • Apologetics
  • Bible: Old and New Testaments
  • Faith in Contemporary Culture
  • Family and Marriage Enrichment
  • Methodology in Ministry

From Cristie Jo’s heart

Early on, I made a conscious decision to invest my life in building strong children and adults.  It began with parenting and training my children in their formative years and continued with various groups I was privileged to mentor.

“Strong” is defined as “able to withstand great force and pressure; well-built; powerful, and indestructible.” The ever-changing culture we live in presents parents and grandparents with a considerable opportunity to invest in strengthening children and making a difference in the lives of family members and friends.”

I began my professional career in Cosmetology. I loved the idea of combining my creative and artistic talents along with serving people. Then unexpectedly, I met this high-energy, very passionate guy. Five months later, we married and together have been creating dynamic work ever since.

Soon after, I retired from cosmetology and serving clients except for that one passionate guy to whom I said, "I do." In the years to come, our partnership multiplied to include three married children and ten grandchildren, with tenacious triplet boys among that crew. Cherished moments with my grandchildren planted seeds for a plan to add children's picture books writer and storyteller to my list of undertakings. And so, Lil Cristie Chronicles™ book series was born.


Our parenting and years of presenting strategic, life-changing messages have taken us across the globe, opening doors on diverse platforms to help lead, mentor, and educate various groups.

Always a life learner, in 2003, I joined the rising demographic of moms who made a conscious decision to go back to school and finish my education. My affection and appreciation for higher education allowed me to earn the degrees necessary to add Dr. to my name and Professor in the university where I served. At the heart of everything I produce is that innate creativity, utilizing it to innovate new ideas, projects, and programs. I delight in creating culturally relevant content for both media and publishing on multiple platforms.

My most significant contribution is my family; they give me the best ideas through their zeal and zest for life. Drinking coffee with my husband from the fresh beans he grinds is a daily favorite. A close second is riding bikes with him while Marco Polo video chatting with the kids. Yes, it's hazardous, and we are an accident waiting to happen, but we are enjoying the ride. I appreciate the outdoors and love taking quiet walks to communicate with God. It stops my world when my kids or grandkids connect with me on Facetime. My parents are European, so cooking elaborate German meals for my peeps have always been a staple in our home. If I retire one day, I will script a life where I am on a beach under an umbrella with my hubby with a good book in hand and a horizon of blue waves in view. Oh, and a beautiful sunset would add nicely to the mix.