Jerry Johnston Researches Reason Rally 2016: Ian Harris

Satirical comedian Ian Harris has appeared on popular shows, including Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Comedy Central, as well as his own TV special “Critical and Thinking” that is currently on Hulu. He has a skeptical comment for everything from global warming to religion. With his wit and humor, Harris entertained the crowd of the Reason Rally in Washington DC this summer:

              “God creates these two people, Adam and Eve, puts them in this garden. He said, do not eat this fruit. There’s this forbidden tree of knowledge, we can’t have you thinking or learning, so do not eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge. And then a little while goes by and a talking snake comes along and he says, yeah, don’t worry about that guy, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Go ahead and eat the fruit. They eat the fruit, God goes, whoa, I told you not to eat the fruit. Now I’m going to have to punish everybody for all eternity by sending them to burn in eternal hellfire, right? And that’s what he does. You’re born, sorry, you go to hell. Why? She ate some fruit, I’m sorry.  You’re born, you go to hell. You’re born, I’m sorry, it’s called justice. That’s how it works. You’re born, you go to hell. Sorry, she ate the fruit. You’re born, you go to – yeah, and then after a few thousand years, or you know, a couple million, depending on whose book you read, God says to himself, I might be being a tad bit irrational. I’m going to have another child, this time a son, and murder him, so that you don’t have to go to hell because this chick ate some fruit. At that point, my daughter gets really angry with me. She goes, Daddy, stop it! Quit being silly. That doesn’t make any sense. Now would you just tell me the real story? And I look at her and I go, you know what, baby girl, that is the appropriate response.”  

              Harris’ version of the Gospel is quite different from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Are you able to discern the difference? Can you defend your beliefs? Cristie Jo and I are making a documentary and writing many other resources that will teach men and women the truths of the Gospel.


Researchers, Drs. Jerry and Cristie Jo Johnston, are Executive Producing a quick-paced film via trans continental, staccato interviews documenting the shocking rise of the non-religious.