Jerry Johnston Interviews William Lane Craig on Christian Apologetics


Many atheists refuse to debate William Lane Craig. Deeply studied in the Christian faith, he is passionate about teaching men and women how to defend their beliefs. Professor of Philosophy at Houston Baptist University and Research Professor at the Talbot School of Theology, William Lane Craig is a renowned Christian apologist. While interviewing Dr. Craig in Houston, I asked him why atheists are reticent to engage him in debate.  He said,

“Well, it’s very interesting to see how the atheist’s strategy has changed over the years.  Initially what they were saying on the secular web was that we need to hire a hired gun for atheism to combat Craig on equal grounds, some powerful debater that will take him on.  Well that didn’t work so instead what they began to do was to coach the people that agreed to debate me and I could tell that these people had been prepped in advance because often they would attack arguments that I didn’t even give in the debate, but that they had heard presented in a different debate and it was very obvious that they were attempting to coach my opponents in advance.  That didn’t seem to work out well.  So the current strategy is to refuse to debate me, to in effect silence me by refusing to accept debates with me in the hopes that these will then cease and obviously if you don’t have a debate then nothing gets said and many of them will even refuse to mention my name.  They will refer to me obliquely without saying my actual name because they don’t want to do anything that will give credibility or notoriety or publicity to the sort of thing that I represent.”

Dr. Craig’s interview is a small sample of the scholarship featured in our upcoming documentary. Tracking the none phenomena, Cristie Jo and I are traveling around the world to gain the opinions of the world’s top Christian, atheist, agnostic, and secular thinkers on the shocking rise of unbelief.

Dr. William Lane Craig is a Professor of Philosophy at Houston Baptist University and Research Professor at the Talbot School of Theology.

Researchers, Drs. Jerry and Cristie Jo Johnston, are Executive Producing a quick-paced film via trans continental, staccato interviews documenting the shocking rise of the non-religious.