Jerry Johnston Interviews Daniel von Wachter on Philosophy and Christianity

Belief in Christ does not require relinquishment of reason, rather faith is the most reasonable response to the facts of the Christianity. While in London, England, I filmed with Dr. Daniel von Wachter, Professor of Philosophy and Director of the International  Academy of Philosophy in Liechtenstein, Germany. I asked Dr. von Wachter about the German response to faith and reason. He told me,

“The idea that philosophy is in conflict with the faith is rather common in Germany, but it’s part of this Enlightenment narrative that reason, and also philosophy, finally arrived on the scene in the eighteenth century and against the opposition of the Church, finally reason developed and philosophy developed. And with this came, of course, a kind of philosophy which was very critical of Christianity and perhaps difficult to reconcile with Christianity.” 

In fact, Dr. von Wachter told me further that it was many Christians who have had a lasting impact in the field of philosophy.  Men such as Anselm, Thomas Aquinas, and Duns Scotus, were at the forefront of the philosophical world. Our documentary will highlight modern scholars who have engaged deeply with biblical doctrine. Our desire is for all ages to encounter the Bible in a fresh way through our upcoming documentary and multiple resources.

Researchers, Drs. Jerry and Cristie Jo Johnston, are Executive Producing a quick-paced film via trans continental, staccato interviews documenting the shocking rise of the non-religious.