Jerry Johnston Interviews Chris Sinkinson on Church Growth in Britain


Doors locked and windows darkened, churches in Britain are shutting down. Watching cultural Christianity fade into the background is pastor and lecturer in Old Testament and Apologetics at Moorlands College, Chris Sinkinson. However, he is not disheartened, because, despite the decline in “nominal Christianity”, he sees growth among those who are certain about their faith. I asked Chris if the church in Britain is spiritually dead. He replied,

“No, the church can never be spiritually dead. I think what you have in the UK is a distinction between religion and real, vibrant faith. And that distinction is very important when we try and make an assessment of the health of the church. I think what’s in decline is traditional, nominal, churchgoing. And that means the background to our culture is less and less Christian. So you see it in Parliament, you see it in the media, you see it in schools in the education curriculum. There is less and less of the background Christian culture and that’s because of a decline in nominal Christianity. But in terms of the Church in this country, there is great growth. There is significant areas of growth right across the denominations. Though I think a key feature you’ll see where there is growth is that these will be churches, regardless of denomination, that deal not in uncertainties but in certainties. They’ll be churches that put forward a clear message of the reliability of the Bible and the truth of Jesus being a real historical figure who truly died for sin, rose again from the dead, and is God with us today. And it’s that message which is a message of certainty that will be the common factor across those denominations seeing growth.”

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