Jerry Johnston Interviews A.C. Grayling on Christianity in Modern Culture


Considering himself “very fortunate to be brought up in a non-religious household”,  Dr. A.C. Grayling is a respected British philosopher, author of over 30 books, and Master of the New College of the Humanities in London.  I asked his opinion of the none phenomena and his prediction of the future. He replied,

“So it seems to me that the secularization of the world is on the increase, and it has been gathering pace for several centuries now – very, very particularly from the enlightenment of the 18th century, when functionally, Europe became a secular domain.  And the tipping point has, I think been passed already.  We haven’t quite understood it, but what we’re seeing is the beginning of a cascade effect, with more people saying, ‘This doesn’t speak to me any longer.  This doesn’t fit with our world.’  This is now, palpably, with the increase of literacy, and understanding, and the generalization of more, sort of refined understanding of what science has to say to us about our world – it’s now less and less plausible to accept the doctrines, and teachings, and world view, of the religions.” 

Does Christianity have a place in this brave new world? Our upcoming documentary next year will highlight the relevancy and validity of Christianity in modern society.

A.C. Grayling is the Master of the New College of the Humanities in London.

Researchers, Drs. Jerry and Cristie Jo Johnston, are Executive Producing a quick-paced film via trans continental, staccato interviews documenting the shocking rise of the non-religious.