Dr. Jerry Johnston: What we see in trends that – even in the nones – that atheism is a small segment. Would you agree? Or are people afraid to say they’re an atheist?

Dr. Richard Dawkins: Oh no, it is small. It is small especially in America. It’s not small among elite scientists. It’s about 90% among elite scientists, among members of the National Academy and, similarly, fellows of the Ross Society in Britain. I think we’ve got a job to do – I mean an educational job to do.

@cristiejohnston and I have now filmed with nearly 100 of the leading sociologists, philosophers, scientists, atheists, and apologists in the world. And, our multifaceted project continues. We are in the process of writing four separate books as well as producing several other resources.

Dawkins admitted to us in Oxford, England that “atheists” represent a small population in the USA. Correct. Four out of five Americans believe in God. Pew Research (survey of 4,700 adults in December 2017 and released April 25, 2018) reveals that one-third of Americans say they do not believe in the God of the Bible, however, 56 percent say they believe in God “as described in the Bible.”

Cause for concern: Adults under age 50 and college graduates are less likely to believe in God than older Americans and people with only a high school education.

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