Drs. Cristie Jo & Jerry Johnston
May 9, 2017 Interview with Dr. Richard Dawkins

Dr. Cristie Jo Johnston: Let’s just for instance say that the Bible is true and its claims are true and that when all of us stand before God one day, we will give an account of ourselves. How then will you justify your life in atheism when you stand before God?

Dr. Richard Dawkins: I think, well, I would first of all say to God, ‘Which one are you?’

Dr. Cristie Jo Johnston: Meaning?

Dr. Richard Dawkins: ‘Are you Zeus, are you Apollo, are you Thor, are you Mithras? Are you the great JuJu at the bottom of the sea?’

Dr. Cristie Jo Johnston: And that would be important to you because?

Dr. Richard Dawkins: It’s my sarcastic way of answering you because you are talking as though there’s just one God.

Dr. Cristie Jo Johnston: Okay.

Dr. Richard Dawkins: And I’m pointing out to you that there are thousands of gods that people have believed in and so the first question is to establish: ‘Is this Baal?’ And then I think I would probably quote Bertrand Russell: ‘Not enough evidence God, not enough evidence. Why did you hide yourself so convincingly?’

Professor Richard Dawkins is a British evolutionary biologist, ethologist and writer. He is often referred to as “the most famous atheist in the world.”

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