25 June 2018

Drs. Cristie Jo & Jerry Johnston
May 9, 2017 Interview with Dr. Richard Dawkins

Dr. Cristie Jo Johnston: So God hides himself and Richard Dawkins needs evidence. What sort of evidence would it take to convince Richard Dawkins that there is in fact a God?

Dr. Richard Dawkins: It’s a very difficult question that I used to think was an easy question. I used to think that you would simply say, God could perform some amazing wonder that we would all see.

Dr. Cristie Jo Johnston: Like a miracle.

Dr. Richard Dawkins: Yes, like a miracle. And I suppose it would be possible, it should be possible to devise a sufficiently convincing miracle, but if you’ve ever seen a really, really good conjurer, they do miracles. Of course, they’re not miracles; they’re tricks. But you would be – any naïve person would be – convinced it was a miracle.

Scientist and atheist, Dr. Richard Dawkins, told The Guardian that he was “greatly encouraged” to learn that the unofficial Arabic pdf of his book The God Delusion had been downloaded 13MM times. Dawkins writes in The God Delusion about his wish that the “open-minded people” who read it will “break free of the vice of religion altogether”. The book has sold 3.3MM copies worldwide since it was published in 2006.