Christians and Demons

Christians & Demons is an overview of Scripture that accurately describes the work of demons in our world. How do demons ensnare the lives of believers? Is it possible for a Christian to be demon possessed? And, what exactly is the meaning of being demonized according to the Bible? Dr. Jerry Johnston helps you navigate biblical truth and gives you the straight facts.

christians and demons
Crossroads ISBN: 9781896930565 260 pages

Why Suicide

Why Suicide? is the first book of its kind on suicide. Why Suicide? communicates with powerful simplicity on this controversial topic. Why Suicide? is a penetrating exposé of teenage culture in the U.S. Why Suicide? zeroes in on the fatal factors behind the suicide epidemic. Why Suicide? leaves the reader informed, not confused. Why Suicide? is must reading for teenagers, parents, and educators.

why suicide
Oliver-Nelson Books ISBN-10: 0840790813 190 pages

Not Suicide: Helping You and Your Friends to Live

Jerry wrote this book, uniquely, for young people. In addition to special information arming youth on how to intervene in the life of a depressed or suicidal friend, a special section is devoted to cyberbullying in memory of Amanda Todd, 15, whose You Tube video prior to her death by suicide has been viewed over 13 million times.

Crossroads 152 pages

Who’s Listening? What Our Kids are Trying to Tell Us

As one of America’s leading authorities on youth culture, Johnston receives thousands of letters each year. Johnston believes that parents need to understand the world their teenagers live in–and that we begin listening to the cries for help from what may become a lost generation. Topics cover suicide, AIDS, the occult, and more.

Zondervan Publishing ISBN-10: 0310578701 174 pages

Why They Die: Curing the Death Wish in Our Kids

Jerry update of his earlier book, Why Suicide, with this highly regarded new edition on the growing epidemic of suicide. Statistically updated, and much more in depth, Jerry reflects on his extensive expertise and activity with both mental health professionals and spiritual leaders as well as far too many families that have been devastated by suicide.

Crossroads ISBN-10: 1896930506 243 pages

The Last Days of Planet Earth

The Last Days of Planet Earth is written for everyday people who want to grasp the significance of these times without getting lost in a sea of abstract words and concepts.

The Last Days of Planet Earth
Harvest House Publishing ISBN-10: 0890819017224 pages

The Thrilling Prophecies of Mr. Z and Jesus: Jerusalem, the Jew, and You

What does tomorrow hold? For centuries, men sought answers to that question. Does the future hold unimaginable horrors or some sort of utopia, a paradise on earth. Discover, in the pages of The Thrilling Prophecies of Mr. Z and Jesus, God’s true vision of the future, when the Lord’s judgment leads to terrible suffering to the earth and His mercy and love bring about a paradise beyond human imagination. In these pages, Bible teacher and Pastor Jerry Johnston exposes Zechariah as anything but an irrelevant artifact of a bygone age. Instead, he demonstrates that the message of Zechariah is a message for our own world, a message of hope and assurance, looking forward to a day when “every knee will bow and every tongue confess” the name of the Holy One of Israel.

FFI ISBN-13: 9781934438091 298 pages

Going All the Way: An American Sexual Odyssey

Going all the Way, with alarming and authentic detail Going all the Way informs parents and educators of the real world of teens and sex. This hard-hitting book is both a devastating expose of the low ebb of teenage sexual morality and a signpost pointing the way back from the “sexual revolution.” This book defies precedents and traditions when it comes to revealing what is actually going on with sex and teens and what the true consequences are.

going all the way
Nelson Thomas, Inc. ISBN-13: 9780849906367 185 pages

The Edge of Evil: The Rise of Satanism in North America

From obscure ritual to headline grabber, the practice of Satanism is not rising- it’s sweeping the nation! Now nationally acclaimed youth expert jerry Johnston uncovers and documents the most bizarre, twisted subculture of our day. Ritualistic abuse and sacrifice. How young people fall prey and are blatantly recruited. The warning signs of the occult. What parents can do to protect their kids. Researched by a man who dug for the story, this is the accurate, terrifying account of what he saw taking place…at the edge of evil.

the edge of evil
Word Publishing ISBN-10: 0849906687 252 pages

Daniel: Principled Leadership, Success, and Achievement

Do you want to be successful? A Leader? A person leaving a legacy of achievement in your wake? Most of us do, and most of us would not think to look in the pages of Daniel to find guidance in these areas. Daniel, after all, wrote his book over 2,500 years ago. He was a slave and an exile from his homeland. In these chapters you will discover not only the absolute reliability of Daniel’s words but also discover that this book is the perfect place to find the true secrets of success.

FFI ISBN-10:1934438006 372 pages

It’s Killing Our Kids

Will your teenager have the courage to say “no” to alcohol, or will he or she become one of the millions of teenage alcoholics, or worse, one of the 24,000 alcohol-related traffic deaths this year?Jerry Johnston has a game plan to help young people and their parents make the right decisions. In It’s Killing Our Kids he provides both a graphic account of the trauma caused by alcohol abuse and a clear handbook that shows how to stem this national affliction. Full of practical suggestions and guidelines, hard-hitting facts, and several self-tests, It’s Killing Our Kids is a resource you and your family can’t afford to be without.

Book and Cassette, Word Publishing ISBN-10: 0849932963 225 Pages

Learning How to Preach the Gospel

Derived from over 35 years of both preparing over 1,000 different sermons and speaking thousands of times, Jerry gives the practical “how-to’s” of becoming both an effective speaker and presenter and learning how to captivate the attention of an audience and reach a defined demographic. Regrettably, the skill of substantive preaching and teaching is a lost art in our age.

Learning How to Preach the Gospel
Jerry Johnston Publishing 55 pages

How to Save Your Kids from Ruin

Parents who feel out of touch with their kids–and the crazy world in which their kids live!-are searching for a way to reconnect, to understand. This book provides strategies and skills training for those eager to communicate with their children.

How to Save Your Kids from Ruin
Victor Books ISBN-10: 1564764052

Overcoming Biblical Illiteracy

George Barna reported, “Less than one out of every ten believers now possess a Biblical worldview as the basis for his or her decision making or their behavior.” When given 13 basic teachings from the Bible only 1% of adults believers firmly embraced all 13 as being biblical perspectives. We have a crisis of crisis of Biblical illiteracy. Jerry will help you overcome that problem by learning the 12 most important core Bible doctrines in this special notebook that contains all his manuscript sermons.

Overcoming Biblical Illiteracy
FFI 163 pages

Inspire Your Kids to Greatness

The teenage years do not have to be so hard for parents! Jerry Johnston wants you to experience the joy that comes from being your teenager’s best friend. A gifted communicator with a passion for teens, Johnston understands the special challenges parents of teens face. And he has developed proven strategies for overcoming those challenges.

Inspire Your Kids to Greatness
Zondervan Publishing ISBN-10: 9994354728 176 pages

Similarities and Differences of Belief Systems.

Christianity carefully compared to the Cults and other religions. Similarities and Differences of Beliefs Systems described.

Jerry Johnston Publishing 427 pages