What I Do

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

To rise to the next level, I help leaders discern their strengths and weaknesses and move to a forward-thinking vision consistent with all the transmedia tools available. I am not a theorist of the strategic decisions a leader must make in their personal life or regarding their closest team members to succeed mentally, physically, spiritually, maritally, and organizationally. Instead, I coach discreetly, confidentially, and honestly and have worked with America's best.

Strategic Planning & Scaling

Critical to success is developing a written strategic plan with key performance indicators built with timelines for achievement, accountability, and growth. My signature strategy is a ten-year future focus. I am consistently dumbfounded about how many leaders/organizations do not have a multi-year strategic plan with growth metrics. Consistent with success is the incremental evaluation necessary once team members have been judiciously selected. We will remind you why data weekly is essential.

Strategic Planning
Fundraising strategy

Fundraising Strategy

Many ministries/organizations have ideas for outreach with no strategic plan for fundraising. Often, traditional stewardship or advancement departments and personnel are stuck in the past. I create a customized fundraising strategy for prospective major donors and those essential monthly donors. The key is the designed philosophy, plan, approach, and communication I learned and developed by raising $90M.

Performance Team Recruitment

Organizations that keep growing have healthy, performance-driven teams. Through the years, I learned how to recruit and retain top performers. I will help you attract thinkers, innovators, knowledgeable, gifted men, and women to help your organization scale. To win the Super Bowl, you must have a talented team – it is no different with your organization.

Performance Team Recruitment
Unleahing Peace by Jeremiah Johnston

Publishing/Marketing/Event Development

There is a plan to ensure the success of your book in becoming a bestseller. I develop the synergy and strategy of publishing and marketing resources with purposed events. Let me teach you what I have learned after decades of negotiating scores of projects with publishers through the creation of a holistic strategy.

Media/Television Series Development

We will show you how to take your best content and capture it creatively on film and license it to one of the many streaming or television platforms. Each has a common denominator – they must find new and better content to retain their audience. Last year 1,000 TV shows were created, and most struggled to find an audience. Get your message out to the masses.

Cristie Jo producing media event
Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

For four decades, I have spoken on nearly every platform imaginable. God gave me the gift of communication, and I was blessed to develop it by speaking thousands of times. Whether I am speaking with Cristie Jo on the family, marriage, parenting, sharing the Good News, or inspiring leaders and teams to reach their God-given potential, I have the message for your church, organization, or school.

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