A Message to Leaders

"God gave me the gift of communication, and I was blessed to develop it by speaking thousands of times. Whether I am speaking with Cristie Jo on the family, marriage, parenting, sharing the Good News, or inspiring leaders and teams to reach their God-given potential, I have the message for your church, organization, or school.

For decades, I have been a senior leader. I know your world, its challenges, and its opportunities. The senior leader is often the least mentored person in the organization, yet it is vital to get objective, honest advice to achieve forward movement. My greatest joy is to deposit decades of experience to add growth and enrichment to the leader's vision, which sets the trajectory for the entire organization. My strategy includes mentoring team members and leading them into alignment for success. I operate aided by my five spiritual gifts: leadership, faith, teaching, discernment, and evangelism. I work with the love of a pastor's heart. I invite you to click on the "WHO I PARTNER WITH" section to explore and learn how I might best serve you and your team."

Jerry Johnston

Jerry Johnston

My Specialties Include:

  • INNOVATION to turn your life, research, and passion into a legacy on multiple platforms/modalities.
  • SCALE the effectiveness of your brand, message, and publishing.
  • OPTIMIZE ROI on a digital-centric modality to increase enrollment, subscribers, and donors.
  • RECRUIT high-performance team members essential to go to the next level.
  • DESIGN and lead a high-net-worth donor program to fund your vision.
  • ENHANCE communication strategy in synergy with all platforms.
  • ELEVATE marketing strategy and brand awareness.
  • MENTOR leaders in the critical areas of long-lasting effectiveness and sustainability.
  • TEACH dynamic communication skills for a powerful delivery.
  • LEARN the secrets to major donor fundraising.
  • INFLUENCE - discover the steps to increase your reach.

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