Overcoming Biblical Illiteracy: Bible Doctrines You Must Know

George Gallup has called the United States “a nation of the biblical illiterates.” And, researcher George Barna concludes that “the Christian body is immersed in a crisis of biblical illiterate.” My heart has been deeply moved by this reality. The lack of knowledge regarding the Bible’s major doctrines can leave a believer shipwrecked in their…

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Spiritual Armor: Confidence to Live Life Successfully

This series is based on one of the most interesting passages in Scripture on the spiritual battle in which every true believer of Jesus Christ is engaged. The Apostle Paul detailed the six essential pieces of spiritual armor necessary for a true believer in Jesus Christ to live a victorious Christian life and it will…

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Portraits of Christ in the Old Testament Tabernacle

Its descriptions and ministries dominate fifty chapters in the Old Testament, while the creation of the entire world is described in just two. The Old Testament tabernacle is essential to understanding Jesus Christ and His substitutionary death in our place. What was the Ark of the Covenant? The Cleansing of the Bronze Laver Why…

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