37 Years Ago This Week …

If my service had not been canceled at the last minute in Detroit on a Sunday night in 1978; and IF the Pastor, impromptu, had not invited me to stay over and speak in his evening worship; and IF at the end of that meeting, again impromptu, the Pastor had not extended the services for the next two weeks as spiritual renewal came to western Michigan — I would have never met a beautiful young lady by the name of Cristie Huf. The love, blessing, and friendship she has been to me is simply inexpressible. Her dad, Al, had been invited to the services where I was speaking. The last Sunday night Cristie came and we met. God intersected out lives in a most unlikely way. The rest is history — beautiful marriage, three awesome children, and five incredible grandchildren. It all started 37 years ago this week! Thank you, Lord!portrait-cristie

Overcoming Biblical Illiteracy: Bible Doctrines You Must Know

George Gallup has called the United States “a nation of the biblical illiterates.” And, researcher George Barna concludes that “the Christian body is immersed in a crisis of biblical illiterate.” My heart has been deeply moved by this reality. The lack of knowledge regarding the Bible’s major doctrines can leave a believer shipwrecked in their faith! Further, marriages corrode, parenting skills are weakened, and young people make life-damaging decisions when people of faith do not clearly understand solid Bible doctrine.

1. Doctrine of Sin
2. Doctrine of the Trinity
3. Doctrine of the Church
4. Doctrine of Satan
5. Doctrine of Salvation
6. Doctrine of Man
7. Doctrine of Last Things
8. Understanding Creeds of the Church