My four girls …

One of the greatest joys of our family getting together for Christmas was watching the four adult girls who I admire and love so much.  On the left is Cristie, the love of my life who I have been soooo blessed to spend in 35 awesome years of marriage.  Next to her is Jenilee Nicole, my youngest daughter, who has such a strong heart for the Lord – she is amazing and thinks I am a computer nerd (whatever).  Then there is Danielle Marie, my oldest, a tremendous leader and worship leader who invites the presence of God as she focuses men and women on Jesus so consistently.  And, on the right is Audrey Lynn, who is just like our own daughter (Jeremy’s wife).  Audrey has such a selfless precious spirit and is loving and gracious to all.  Where would I be without these spectacular ladies!


The Daniel Plan … getting ready to drop 30 lbs.


I caught up with Pastor Rick Warren in New York City and we filmed for over an hour about the dynamic message of taking care of our bodies in his new upcoming book, “The Daniel Plan.”  Two doctors participated in the conversation and Rick shared sincerely and intimately about endeavoring to maintain focus with the loss of his precious son, Matthew.  That day his wife, Kay, was in Newtown ministering to families that lost children when shooter, Adam Lanza, lost control.

Rick reminded me of the sermon topic I preached for him over 30 years ago at Saddleback when it was just a young church meeting at Costa Mesa High School.  I remember that day vividly … he wasn’t wearing socks and had such a zeal for the lost.  He reminded me of a man who came to Christ that day who died shortly later from cancer.  We had great fellowship.  He is a dear brother … so get the book and after you finish Christmas, look in the mirror, and let’s get “off our blessed assurance” and get the that exact weight that matches our height, and honors God.  I am going for 30 lbs.!  May the Lord help me!