Introducing “And Then There Were Nones”

And Then There Were Nones

There is a emerging trend across North America demographically that is indisputable. Regretfully, most of us are unaware of even what is going on. People are leaving. Where are they going? Why are they going? Who are the influencers? What is the prediction for America’s spiritual future? The dichotomy presents the Nones and the None Other. Filmmakers Drs. Jerry and Cristie Johnston are interviewing a cast of international experts for a riveting documentary to be released in 2016. They are listening to the nones and dones! Moreover, the Johnston’s are profiling the One Person who divides time and destinies.


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Portraits of Christ in the Old Testament Tabernacle

Its descriptions and ministries dominate fifty chapters in the Old Testament, while the creation of the entire world is described in just two. The Old Testament tabernacle is essential to understanding Jesus Christ and His substitutionary death in our place.

  1. What was the Ark of the Covenant?
  2. The Cleansing of the Bronze Laver
  3. Why the Sacrifices at the Alter Burning
  4. Our entrance into the Holy of Holies
  5. The Light of the Gold Lampstand
  6. The Sweet Smell of the Altar of Incense
  7. The Essential Offerings at the Table of Showbread