Jerry Johnston Interviews Bill Nye on the Increasing Percentage of Non-Religious

With his fans milling around, I interviewed Bill Nye the Science Guy in front of Lincoln Memorial. The occasion was the Reason Rally, a gathering of atheists from around the country.  Hosting a nationally acclaimed science show for youth, Bill Nye is a household name. I asked Bill Nye his opinion on the 21 percent of Americans who have left the church.

He told me, 

I think it’s great. I mean, because I’m pretty sure they left the church because they were happier out of the church, so that’s good.”

I then asked his opinion regarding burgeoning number of nones within the last decade. Removing his sunglasses, he replied,

“Well, I don’t know. I think it has been going on for centuries. By “it”, I mean people embracing science and natural philosophy instead of magic, magical thinking as we say. So I think it’s just part of the process and social media accelerates that.

Is the Gospel message merely “magical thinking”? Utilizing the power of technology to reach millions instantly, Cristie Jo and I are creating multiple digital products and resources beyond the documentary. These resources will guide you through the proofs of the Bible and the historicity of Jesus Christ.

Bill Nye hosts the television show, Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Researchers, Drs. Jerry and Cristie Jo Johnston, are Executive Producing a quick-paced film via trans continental, staccato interviews documenting the shocking rise of the non-religious.