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Jeremiah’s Latest Book Unimaginable Releases Tomorrow

Jerry Johnston Interview Jonathan Lanman Regarding Virtual Reality in Religion

Jerry Johnston Interviews Lois Lee – Founding Director of the Nonreligion and Secularity Network

Jerry Johnston Interviews Miguel Farias – Nones Researcher

Jerry Johnston Interviews Philosopher Richard Swinburne

Cristie Jo Johnston asked Richard Dawkins about Psalm 14:1

Jerry Johnston asks Richard Dawkins, “Do you have a degree in theology?”

Jerry Johnston interviews Richard Dawkins

The Visionary 97-year-old Stewart Morris Sr. – One of HBU’s Founding Fathers

“I Wrote Myself to a Better Understanding,” – Jerry Johnston with Sociologist Rodney Stark

Jerry Johnston Interviews Mike Bickle of IHOP – “Young People Want Something to Die For”

Jerry Johnston Interviews Noted Sociologist Dr. Rodney Stark at Baylor University

Jerry Johnston interviews Saint Andrews’ Professor N.T. Wright

Jerry Johnston’s Full Interview with Philip Renner of Philip Renner Ministries out of Moscow Good News Church

Jerry Johnston on the Rise of Christianity in Russia – Philip Renner Interview

3-Year Documentary Filming by Jerry and Cristie Jo Johnston

Cristie Johnston interviews Nabeel Qureshi

Jerry & Cristie Johnston Interview Frank Schaeffer … A Self-Described Atheist Who Prays?

Jerry & Cristie Johnston Interview J. P. Moreland

Jerry & Cristie Johnston Interview Phil Zuckerman at Pitzer College

Jerry Johnston Queries Regarding the $2.8MM Templeton Grant to Study “Nones”

Jerry Johnston Interviews Youth With A Mission Senior Leader Mark Anderson regarding the Largest Missions Organization in the World

Jerry & Cristie Jo Johnston Interviews Frank Schaeffer on His Journey to Atheism

Jerry Johnston Interviews J.P. Moreland on the Success of the 21st Century Church

Jerry Johnston Interviews Michael Ward on the Decline of the Catholic Church

Overcoming Biblical Illiteracy: Bible Doctrines You Must Know

Spiritual Armor: Confidence to Live Life Successfully

Portraits of Christ in the Old Testament Tabernacle

Reaching Your Potential Message Series: How to Overcome Adversities in Your Life

Jerry Johnston 40-Year Film Clip of Highlights of Evangelism

“I Don’t Have Time”

Vision Man… My Friend Tommy Barnett

Re-Focus on How You Think About Food and Life

Former Muslim Changed By a Mother’s Prayer

Having God In My Everything

Rick Warren “The Secret Sauce: The Power of a Group”

Daniel Plan With Pastor Rick Warren Part #3

Daniel Plan with Pastor Rick Warren Part #1