Dr. Jerry Johnston Interviews Gil Ilutowich

09 July 2019

Gil Ilutowich is co-CEO and chairman of the board for Compedia, an Israel-based technology company. Compedia specializes in immersive learning, bringing high-tech engagement techniques that enable learners to interact with and absorb material. The company’s creations include academic and religious curricula, professional and military training technologies, and more.

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Israeli businessman and technology expert Gil Ilutowich spoke with Dr. Jerry Johnston, VP of Innovation and Strategic Marketing for Houston Baptist University. “My mother was raised a Christian so she always put the love for Jewish people and for Jesus in my heart. She said we have to love both the Jewish people and the Christians,” Ilutowich says.

Ilutowich went from humble beginnings to establishing Compedia with partners more than three decades ago. The augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies the company uses apply to many different areas. Projects range from interactive children’s books to corporate training and manufacturing streamlining.

Recently, they’ve trained members of the Israel Defense Forces in combat. Ilutowich describes, “One of the problems Israel is facing is Hamas. We developed virtual reality tunnels where the IDF soldiers can train. The inventions that are happening in Israel are remarkable. So many other inventions that are changing the world come from Israel.”

Johnston asserts that AR and VR are changing culture. Ilutowich agrees.

“You can buy something for $1 and put your phone on it or you can use other, much more high-quality devices,” he says. “The idea here is that you are in another reality. VR is going into many fields now – education, manufacturing, training, hospitals.”

In education, the company has developed school curricula for several subjects including biblical education. Bible courses are compulsory for students in Israel. Similarly, the company created 3-D materials for the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC.

Ilutowich and Compedia are passionate about teaching the Bible and the Torah. “How can we live in a world where we are raising generation after generation who don’t know the basis of Western culture?” Ilutowich asks. “I see it as a crime.”

In keeping with their mission, the Compedia team keeps technologies wholesome. “The inventions that are happening in Israel are remarkable,” Ilutowich says. “We have a rule in Compedia. Something that I don’t want to bring to my family, I don’t want to bring to other families. We are only focusing on education and doing good.”