Dr. Jerry Johnston Interviews Dr. Jeff Green


Dr. Jeff Green is dean of the HBU Graduate School, and serves in multiple leadership capacities at the university. His areas of expertise include ethics, philosophy, metaphysics, logic, and the symbiotic nature of faith and reason.



Dr. Jerry Johnston, VP of Innovation and Strategic Marketing for Houston Baptist University, talked with Dr. Jeff Green, dean of the HBU Graduate School, about the university and Christian higher education as a whole.

While many Christian institutions have chosen to focus on undergraduate programs, HBU offers dozens of graduate programs residentially and online. Some of HBU’s exceptional qualities include world-class professors, campus life, and programs that are conducive to small-group learning. Paired with HBU’s academic excellence is its strong stand for Christian values.

“Students get the best of both worlds,” Green says.

More education helps students attain their life goals, Green asserts. “I think the need for more education to be successful in the workplace is a factor. People are looking for an extra level of specification, or even a certification,” he says. In addition to traditional programs, the HBU Graduate School offers certificates and licensures in areas including counseling, education and apologetics. Students may complete graduate-level certificates as part of a graduate degree program or as a stand-alone pursuit.

Reaching potentials is a way in which people can invest in the talents God gives them. “The most important thing is the actual knowledge you get from the classes,” Green says. “You can offer more value to employers, your family, church and community.”

Honoring the gifts that God has given each of us, cultivating talents and building knowledge are the aim of a graduate education, Green says. Some degree programs like the Master of Arts in Apologetics have a clear tie-in to evangelism, but other advanced degrees can be just as missional. They provide opportunities for influence and reach in any field. “I think there is Christian truth in business, nursing and many areas,” Green says. “In every area of inquiry, we can honor God, and engage vocationally from a Christian perspective.”

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