Dr. Jerry Johnston Interviews Andre Walker

André Walker III is a defensive end on the HBU Football team and is a pre-med major. Walker is involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Alpha Epsilon Delta (the pre-med society). In the summer of 2018, he shadowed team physician, Dr. Vishal M. Shah, and participated in the Summer Health Professions Education Program at Columbia University. 

Dr. Jerry Johnston, VP of Innovation and Strategic Marketing for Houston Baptist University, talks with André Walker III, a defensive end on HBU’s Football team, during a “Think About It” podcast about life at HBU. Walker is a pre-med major who was selected for an internship with Columbia University.

As a standout football player in high school, Walker had several choices for college, but he quickly narrowed it down to HBU. “What really attracted me to HBU specifically was the coaching staff,” he says. “I really love those guys. The school is small and tight-knit. The program was new too then so it provided me an opportunity to set a new foundation for the program and the future. The medical program here was also top-notch. All of those things attracted me.”

Walker describes how he was inspired to pursue a career in neurosurgery: “I wanted to leave a lasting, tangible impact on other people’s lives.” Walker credits his parents for instilling in him work ethic and persistence.

When it comes to his faith, Walker says it informs all he does. “Faith to me is not only believing and trusting God, but also living the way He wants us to live. Faith without works is dead,” Walker says.

Johnston poses the question, “How do you resist that temptation? How do you live a life pleasing to the Lord?”

Walker describes staying rooted in the Word of God, attending HBU convocations, watching devotional videos, reading Scripture-based passages and calling his parents. “We have to find time in our busy schedule to sit down and reflect on life, to focus on life and grow as a person,” he says.

When asked what kind of impact the University has had on him, Walker thinks about Fellowship of Christian Athletes, his internship at Columbia University, hours of studying, time on the football field and relationships. “I am always thankful for God putting me in this specific place,” he says. “HBU is a place you can grow, not only spiritually, but as a person. This school really cares about you. It’s the perfect blend between professionalism and spiritualism.”

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