Dr. Jerry Johnston Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Jerry Johnston is an evangelist, Pastor, church-planter, television host, producer and director of documentaries and TV specials, fundraiser for Christian causes, Pastoral coach, and proud grandfather five grandchildren. Since Jerry Johnston first began preaching in 1974, he has spoken in over 1,200 churches throughout North America and the world, and captivated youth on over 2,500 public school campuses addressing vital issues. Over 125,000 recorded salvation decisions in his revivals and evangelistic crusades. Jerry Johnston has extensive media experience, having appeared on scores of major TV shows, and produced videos for Word Publishing, which have been distributed to thousands of churches. Jerry is passionate for pastors, served a church planter, and built a mega-church in his hometown of Overland Park, KS. Jerry Johnston has the spiritual gifts of faith, leadership, evangelism, teaching, and discernment. His wife, Cristie Jo Johnston, is an effective teacher of God’s word who has broad appeal to both men and women. Cristie Jo was asked by Shirley Dobson to speak at the National Day of Prayer in Washington, D.C. The Johnston’s have extensive contacts and fundraising experience with evangelicals and donors of all denominations throughout the US and Canada.


  • Name: Jerome Richard Johnston
  • Citizenship: USA
  • Marital Status: Married Dr. Cristie Jo Huf since 1979
  • Children: Two daughters: Danielle and Jenilee; one son, Jeremiah (Ph.D., Middlesex University, London/Oxford, England) and five grandchildren: Christian, Kasey, Lily Faith, Justin and Savannah Jo.



  • D.Min – Acadia Divinity College, Wolfville, Nova Scotia Canada (2012)
  • Thesis – An Exploration of Rates and Causes of Attrition Among Protestant Evangelical Clergy in the United States [The thesis is housed on the Acadia website open archive]
  • M.Div – Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Missouri USA Conferred with Highest Honors (2009)
  • B.A. – Midwestern Baptist College, Kansas City, Missouri USA Conferred with Honors (2007)
  • Hon.D.D. – Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, Lynchburg, Virginia USA (1997)


  • Who’s Listening: What Our Kids are Trying to Tell Us (Zondervan Publishing)
  • Inspire Your Kids to Greatness (Zondervan Publishing)
  • It’s Killing Our Kids: Teenage Alcohol Abuse and Addiction (Word Publishing)
  • The Last Days of Planet Earth (Harvest House)
  • How to Save Your Kids From Ruin (Victor Books)
  • The Edge of Evil (Word Publishing)
  • Why Suicide? What Parents and Teachers Must Know to Save our Kids (Oliver Nelson Books)
  • Going All the Way: The Real World of Teens and Sex (Word Publishing)
  • Apostasy Now: Similarities and Differences of Belief Systems (Ff Publishing)
  • Daniel: Principles of Leadership, Success, and Achievement (Ff Publishing)
  • The Thrilling Prophecies of Mr. Z and Jesus: Jerusalem, the Jew, and You (Ff Publishing)
  • Why They Die: Curing the Death Wish in Our Kids (Crossroads)
  • Christians & Demons (Crossroads)


  • Aids Among Teens (Word Publishing)
  • Kids and Gangs (Word)
  • The Cutting Edge (Jerry Johnston Association)
  • Life Expose (Jerry Johnston Association)
  • Commitment: It’s Time to Make Up Your Mind (Word)
  • Why Suicide? Youth’s Fatal Wish (Word)
  • Decisions and Consequences (Word)
  • Incest (Word)
  • Rachel’s Story: The Crosses of Columbine (Jj Association)
  • Inside Teen Suicide (Crossroads)
  • Battling The Darkness (Crossroads)
  • The Power of Media: Sexualization of Teens (Crossroads)
  • Profiling Teen Violence (Crossroads)
  • Prescription Drug Abuse (Crossroads)

Media Appearances

Dr. Jerry Johnston has appeared on numerous national radio and television programs. The following list is representative, but not exhaustive:

  • Fox News – “The O’Reilly Factor” with Bill O’Reilly
  • MSNBC – “Scarborough Country” with Joe Scarborough
  • “Connected Coast to Coast” with Ron Reagan
  • ABC World News Tonight
  • ABC Nightline
  • “Deborah Norville Tonight”
  • “Focus on the Family”
  • “The 700 Club”
  • ABC “Good Morning America”
  • NBC “The Today Show”
  • CNN “Crossfire”
  • “The Tom Snyder Show”
  • “Sonya Live in L.A.”
  • “Sally Jesse Raphael Show”
  • “Allen Combs Show” – Fox Radio Network
  • AM Los Angeles on KABC
  • “Los Angeles in the Morning” KTLA
  • “Neil Cavuto” on Fox
  • Interviews on all Kansas City affiliates: ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and Fox
  • “Truths that Transform” with Dr. D. James Kennedy

Professional Employment

May 2012 – present

Serve as host of 100 Huntley Street TV Show based in Toronto airing daily on the Global Television network with one million viewers per week. Interviewed Rick Warren, Dr. David

Jeremiah, Dr. John Hagee, Philip Yancey, quarterback Jim Kelly, and many other international Christian leaders.

Directs multiple television crews in the filming of four documentary television specials to air on various television networks globally. Interviewing leading experts on a wide range of topics from the Center to Disease Control to leaders in Washington, DC as well as numerous people impacted by various spiritual issues across America.
As a TV host, Dr. Jerry Johnston help set fundraising records for Crossroads Christian Communications ( by leading their TV telethons and recruiting monthly donor support. Dr. Jerry Johnston designed and wrote two important books, Why They Die: Curing the Death Wish in Our Kids and Christian & Demons and TV documentaries Inside Teenage Suicide and Battling the Darkness, and The Power of Media: The Sexualization of our Youth supporting the success of these telethons in new monthly donor support and large donor cultivation and support.

Provided strategy for media penetration into the United States in a syndication format. Dr. Jerry Johnston has worked with multiple TV networks including the Discovery Television Network, MTV, TBN, Daystar, and others appearing on numerous programs and designing new TV shows.

September 1996 – September 2011

Planted an innovative, biblical church in his hometown of Overland Park, Kansas, First Family Church, which began with 500 people on the first Sunday and grew to 4,200 members in eleven years. Raised $59 million dollars in eleven years, built 140,000 square foot campus on 51 acres. Dr. Jerry Johnston championed the Kansas Marriage Amendment at the request of Pastor Joe Wright of Central Christian Church in Wichita, KS and incurred the retaliation of repeated attacks by the Kansas City Star who dispatched a fulltime investigative journalist on him, his family, and printed numerous libelous stories which launched an investigation by the Kansas Department of Consumer Protection and two years of immense stress and trial. Dr. Jay Sekulow, President of the American Center of Law & Justice, led a team of lawyers at the request of the Board of Elders of First Family Church, led by the Board Chairman, the Honorable Judge Robert Ulrich whereby both Dr. Johnston and the church were fully exonerated. Dr. Jay Sekulow stated in October of 2009 in a live telecast service at First Family Church he had never witnessed a more politically motivated witch-hunt in his 30 years of practicing law and defending Christian freedom in the United States. For a complete description and associated appendices please read chapter one of Dr. Johnston’s doctoral dissertation.

  • Dr. Jerry Johnston founded and operated a publishing and events management organization engaged in marketing and producing events, services, and products that support ministries, educational, and corporate presentations, programs, and involvement.
  • Provide leadership and direction to the development and production of Jerry Johnston Events & Publishing International to businesses seeking motivational, leadership, and successful development presentations nationwide.
  • In conjunction with Christie Johnston, develop and present entertaining and problem-solving seminars and retreats that address issues of marriage and parenting. Titles include: two-day Marriage Enrichment retreats that attract approximately 2,000 attendees annually; Parenting Survival Seminar; Leadership Development (frequently presented to Rotary and Kiwanis clubs); and Dream Development.
  • Oversee the development, marketing, and production of a wide range of full-service one to four-day Jerry Johnston Family Events with timely and relevant message topics and full event management services. Services include scheduling, traffic control, counselor training, full media packets, printing, promotion, print materials, advertising materials, recorded radio advertisements, video clips, media releases, volunteer coordination, meals, cleaning, ushers, financing, reservations, and parking.
  • Developed, marketed, and presented the Life School Assembly Program which is presented to schools, PTA groups, 4H Clubs, FFA, FHA, high school leadership conferences, colleges, universities, and civic organizations.
  • Developed sponsoring partnerships with corporations such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Domino’s Pizza that support Life School Assembly programs.
  • Create and present presentations that address a wide range of motivational issues and concerns for corporations, conventions, military, government and personal improvement seminars.
  • Dr. Jerry Johnston served as Chaplain of the Overland Park Police Department.
  • Dr. Jerry Johnston developed a cutting edge church in the Kansas City metro area for the purpose of reaching the 2.0 million people of the metropolitan area of Kansas City.

Jerry johnston ministries association 1979-1996

  • The ministry produced a dynamic video, “Decisions and Consequences,” taped at the Kentucky State Penitentiary, which closed with Jerry preaching strapped in the electric chair.
  • At the invitation of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, spoke to evangelists on “How To Prepare and Deliver an Evangelistic Sermon” at the historic North American Conference for Itinerant Evangelists in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Conducted a five-day television crusade on the “100 Huntley Street” show in Toronto, which is aired in every Canadian city coast-to-coast and viewed by 1.3 million people.
  • In 1992 through 1993, the ministry began production and distribution of timely videos for churches and organizations distributed internationally by WORD publishers. “AIDS Among Teens,” “Kids and Gangs,” “The Cutting Edge,” “Life Expose,” and “Commitment: It’s Time to Make Up Your Mind” are a few of the many popular videos produced. Books authored by Johnston released by Zondervan Publishing, entitled, Who’s Listening: What Our Kids Are Trying to Tell Us and Inspire Your Kids to Greatness.
  • The ministry was expanded by the launch of Jerry Johnston Family Crusades: Evangelistic Crusades Designed for Every Member of the Family. The response from premier churches of all denominations across North America was overwhelming.
  • Averaged 22 mass crusades per year in which thousands of people from all walks of life are reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Continues aggressively scheduled speaking engagements during 1990-1991.
  • Spoke at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Washington, DC, the National Convention for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Indianapolis, and the Future Farmers of America National Convention in Kansas City. Held a base-wide crusade at the US Military Installation in Manheim, Germany. Visited with evangelical leaders in London, England, regarding future evangelistic ministry in the United Kingdom.
  • Spoke at the Billy Graham School of Evangelism in conjunction with Mr. Graham’s Crusade at Mile High Stadium. Spoke at the Billy Graham School of Evangelism on the campus of Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL in 1987.
  • The ministry continued to grow during 1988 through 1989. Conducted the “Diamond Year” crusade for the Peoples Church of Toronto, Canada, and spoke to 19 Toronto high schools in five days with rallies at Massey Hall and the Toronto Convention Centre. All of the Toronto media interviewed the evangelist, including “100 Huntley Street.” The second book, Going All the Way: The Real World of Teens and Sex (WORD Publishing), launched appearances on the “700 Club” and scores of other television and radio shows.
  • In 1989, the blockbuster book, “The Edge of Evil: The Rise of Satanism in North America,” sold out its first printing in one week. Later, more than 100,000 copies were sold. Visited 89 cities in one-night “EDGE of EVIL” rallies, exposing the occult and spiritual darkness.
  • Appeared on CNN’s “Crossfire,” “Sonya Live in LA,” “AM in Los Angeles,” “The Tom Snyder Show,” “LA in the Morning,” “AM Philadelphia,” Boston’s “People Are Talking,” and scores of other shows.
  • In 1986 and 1987, spoke to hundreds of thousands of students in the public schools. Churches were filled to capacity and experienced overflow attendance as the crusades related to the pressing needs of the unchurched community.
  • At the invitation of Billy Graham Associate Evangelist, Dr. John Wesley White, spoke to international evangelists gathered in Amsterdam, Holland, in 1986.
  • In 1987 the ministry purchased a new headquarters building of 6,000 square feet in the Kansas City suburb of Lenexa.
  • The Jerry Johnston Association Conference on Evangelism drew 4,000 people to Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • During the same year, his first book, “Why Suicide?” (Thomas Nelson Publishers), launched with more than 30,000 hardcover copies being sold.
  • Appeared on 101 radio interviews coast to coast. Spoke to 14,000 pastors at the Southern Baptist Convention’s Pastor’s Conference and the SBC Evangelists in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • In 1984 and 1985, the ministry and outreach gained media attention and acclaim. In virtually every city, television, radio, and newspaper reporters covered the unique impact on the cities visited.
  • More than 18,000 people received Christ as Savior during these two years. Articles appeared in the Akron Beacon Journal, Anchorage Times, Canton Repository, Chattanooga Times, Clearwater Sun, Columbus Dispatch, Dallas Morning News, Detroit Free Press, Florida Times Union, Ft. Lauderdale News, Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Grand Rapids Press, Lakeland Ledger, Miami Herald, Raleigh News, St. Louis Globe Democrat, St. Petersburg Times, San Diego Tribune, Toledo Blade, Atlanta Journal Constitution, and others.
  • In 1984, the crusade at the Akron Baptist Temple closed with 8,400 in attendance and 1,200 salvation decisions for the week.
  • The “Life” KANSAS CITY crusade closed with 12,000 in attendance at Municipal Auditorium, and 951 decisions were recorded for Christ in one night.
  • From 1982 to 1983, conducted rallies in 100 cities during these two eventful years. On October 3, spoke to the nation on the “Old Time Gospel Hour” television program. Sixty super aggressive crusades were conducted in this time period. Scores of invitations from pastors across America were received at the ministry headquarters. The ministry launched its first Conference on Evangelism in Kansas City, with national Christian leaders joining as speakers.
  • In 1980 and 1981, the weekly television program “Capture America with Jerry Johnston” began airing in the Midwest. Initiated an outreach of the ministry through the “Life School Assembly.” This riveting, informative lecture on drug and alcohol abuse captured students’ attention and is praised by even the most skeptical school administrators. Toured more than 30 Texas cities and conducted citywide impact crusades in 13 locations throughout the nation. Conducted a month-long crusade emphasis in Northern California.
  • During 1979 the year was filled with “Capture America” rallies and crusades in churches all across America.
  • Featured on Dr. Jerry Falwell’s “Old Time Gospel Hour” television program on 390 TV stations, and preached monthly on the radio network on 450 radio stations.
  • Received an all-expense paid to scholarship to Liberty University due to his high school evangelistic ministry with Youth for Christ by Dr. Jerry Falwell when he was 18-years-old.
  • In this strategic year, visited more than 100 US cities in more than 40 different states and preached to millions of people in person and through the media.
  • Spoke in meetings ranging from Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary to citywide crusades. Included were businessmen’s meetings, television and radio appearances, civic club engagements, and churches of all denominations. Thousands of people registered salvation and re-dedication decisions during nationwide and international appearances.
  • Upon recognizing a spiritual gift of evangelism, founded a YFC Club at the public school previously attended. In one year, hundreds of students heard the Gospel, and more than 200 classmates found Jesus Christ as Savior.
  • Joined Al Metsker’s “Young Preacher Boy Club.” Each week at the YFC club, gave the invitation for the youth to accept Christ.
  • Preached 25 times a week while in high school to other Youth for Christ clubs and organizations and logged thousands of miles on highways in Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska.
  • Asked by the Kansas City Youth for Christ’s founder and Executive Director Dr. Al Metsker to be their Evangelist-at-Large, traveling the nation, proclaiming Christ while still a high school student. During 1975, spoke to more than 25,000 students on high school campuses.
  • Spoke regularly at the Saturday night YFC rally to 1,600 teens and as a regular camp speaker. At the time of high school graduation, spoke before mass audiences 1,000 times. At age 16, received an invitation by Al Metsker to meet Dr. Jerry Falwell.
  • A Vision For the Future: Investing in Eternity – 4 Sermons
  • Adult Camp: The Message That Transformed Your Kids! – 3 Sermons
  • Advantages of Adversity – 3 Sermons
  • Armageddon: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Prophecy But Didn’t Know Who To Ask – 9 Sermons
  • Amos – 4 Sermons
  • Basic Training 9 Sermons
  • BE-atitudes Happy – 5 Sermons
  • Breaking Bondages: Taking Off Your Mask – 6 Sermons
  • Characters – Jerry Johnston’s Illustrated Sermons – 3 Sermons
  • Christ Comes as… – 5 Sermons
  • Christian Ethics – 8 Sermons
  • Come Home First Family – 5 Sermons
  • Complete Wellness – 5 Sermons
  • Conquest: Our 5 Year Plan – 3 Sermons
  • Critical Concerns – 8 Sermons
  • Daniel: 12 Principles Of Leadership, Success & Achievement – 18 Sermons
  • Demons and Christians – 7 Sermons
  • Determine Your Legacy – 6 Sermons
  • Discovering the Secrets to Answered Prayer – 8 Sermons
  • Discovering Your Purpose And Finding Fulfillment – 4 Sermons
  • Doctor Jekyll & Mister Hyde: Overcoming the Character Tug of War – 16 Sermons
  • Ephesians – 14 Sermons
  • Essentials for a Dynamite Marriage – 5 Sermons
  • Extreme Makeover: The Spiritual Edition – 8 Sermons
  • Faithfulness Revealed – 7 Sermons
  • Fear Factor: Conquering The Insurmountable Obstacle To Share Your Faith – 6 Sermons
  • Fight For Grace – 4 Sermons
  • First Family Gives Back – 3 Sermons
  • Full House – 5 Sermons
  • Getting In Shape Spiritually – 8 Sermons
  • God’s Help for Your Suffering… 1 Peter – 8 Sermons
  • God’s Response To Sexual Behaviors – 7 Sermons
  • God’s Way to Financial Success – 4 Sermons
  • Habakkuk: How to Overcome Doubt and Learn to Trust – 2 Messages
  • Hallmarks Of The Real Deity Of The Universe – 8 Sermons
  • Hello: My Name is God – 8 Sermons
  • Help for Hurting Hearts – 6 Sermons
  • Hosea – 4 Sermons
  • How To Build A Strong Family – I -8 Sermons
  • How To Build A Strong Family – II- 6 Sermons
  • How To Find Love, Enjoy Love and Rekindle Love – 6 Sermons
  • How to Live Successfully – 2 Sermons
  • How To Prepare For The Greatest Year Of Your Life – 5 Sermons
  • How We Got the Bible – 12 Sermons
  • I Do…Do I – 4 Sermons
  • iHurt – 6 Sermons
  • Issues Influencing America’s Destiny – 7 Sermons
  • It’s The Heart Of The Matter – 6 Sermons
  • Jesus and Children – 5 Sermons
  • Joel – 4 Sermons
  • Jonah 4 Sermons
  • Judges – 5 Sermons
  • Juicy Fruit: Discover The Fruits of The Holy Spirit – 7 Sermons
  • Learning How To Live Successfully – 7 Sermons
  • Learning How to Win – 4 Sermons
  • Living The Blessed Life – 5 Sermons
  • Make Friends Who Make It to Forever – 15 Sermons
  • Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage – 6 Sermons
  • Men of Valor, Women of Wisdom – 4 Sermons
  • Navigating the Bumps, Difficulties and Detours of Life – 12 Sermons
  • On Location with Jesus – 5 Sermons
  • On Mission – 6 Sermons
  • On The Road With Paul and John – 8 Sermons
  • Overcoming Biblical Illiteracy – 24 Sermons
  • Portraits Of Christ In The Old Testament Tabernacle – 7 Sermons
  • Pray It Away – 4 Sermons
  • Preparing For the End
  • Principles of Prosperity – 4 Sermons
  • Reaching Your Potential: How To Overcome Adversities In Your Life – 12 Sermons
  • Regaining Joy – 4 Sermons
  • Reliving Pilgrims Progress – 6 Sermons
  • Response to Peter Jennings Reporting: In Search of Jesus – 4 Sermons
  • Retracing the Path to Bethlehem – 4 Sermons
  • Revelation – 41 Sermons
  • Similarities and Differences of Belief Systems – 31 Sermons
  • Spiritual Armor – 6 Sermons
  • Steps to a Fulfilled Family – 6 Sermons
  • Tell Me More About Heaven – 5 Sermons
  • The 10 Grand Demands Of God – A Literal Explanation Of The 10 Commandments – 4 Sermons
  • The Atheist’s Delusion – 3 Sermons
  • The Coming War with Russia – 4 Sermons
  • The DaVinci Code Debunked – 6 Sermons
  • The Fight For Grace: Liberty vs. Legalism – 6 Sermons
  • The Forbidden Chapter: Isaiah 53 – 6 Sermons
  • The Founding Fathers: In God We Trust? – 4 Sermons
  • The Great Omission – How To Develop A Conviction About The Commission – 6 Sermons
  • The Greatest Christmas Gift You Can Give – 4 Sermons
  • The Indisputable Signs of Christ’s Return – 5 Sermons
  • The Key to Supernatural Living – 4 Sermons
  • The Last 14 Days – 4 Sermons
  • The Last Days – 5 Sermons
  • The Lost Gospel of Judas – 3 Sermons
  • The Lost: Who Cares? – 2 Sermons
  • The Murder of Jesus – 6 Sermons
  • The Power of Wisdom from Proverbs – 13 Sermons
  • The Rewards of an Obedient Life – 4 Sermons
  • The Secrets Of A Know-So Faith – 11 Sermons
  • The Sermons No One Will Preach – 6 Sermons
  • The Supernatural Church: ACTS, Acts of Courage, Tests of Strength – 45 Sermons
  • The Thrilling Prophecies of Mr. Z and Jesus: Jesus, the Jew, and You – 22 Sermons
  • The War of World-View: How Did Life Begin? – 8 Sermons
  • Things to Come: Eliminating End Times Confusion – 21 Sermons
  • Transforming Promises To Live By – 11 Sermons
  • Truth About Tongues, Spiritual Gifts and Healing – 11 Sermons
  • The Unbelieving Believers – 4 Sermons
  • Weathering The Storms of Life – 6 Sermons
  • Welcome to Fabulous Corinth Greece: The Las Vegas of the 1st Century – 10 Sermons
  • What if? – 5 Sermons
  • When God Became a Man – 5 Sermons
  • Which Music is Right? – 4 Sermons
  • Why Care? – 4 Sermons
  • Words – 3 Sermons
  • You Are Loved – 7 Sermons
  • Your Miracle In The Mirror: In the Mirror of Mark – 10+ Sermons





Highlights of qualifications

  • Motivational, secular and Christian evangelist, pastor, and speaker to educational, corporate, governmental, association, not-for-profit, and religious organizations throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.
  • Delivered Life School Assembly presentation to more than 3,000,000 students in over 2,500 public schools throughout the United States and Canada.
  • Internationally acclaimed author of eleven books that have more than 500,000 copies in circulation worldwide. 1,000,000 sermons in circulation around the globe, and 12 dynamic video productions.
  • Nominated and selected by world Christian leaders to serve on the Board of Church Growth International since October 2005 at the invitation of Dr. Yongi Cho, pastor of the world’s largest church (745,000 members) in Seoul, Korea. CGI is committed to developing Christian leadership in ministry and churches on a global scale.

Personal strengths encompass: high energy, result-oriented, persistence in pursuit of goals, and a resourceful, pro-active approach to conquering difficult challenges.


  • Pastor
  • Evangelist
  • Author
  • Motivator
  • Youth Communicator
  • Leader Culture Trend Expert
  • Fundraiser

Dr. Jerry Johnston is versatile, dynamic, frequently requested speaker/evangelist, author and media personality with strong stage presence and an unforgettable and convincing style that motivates and inspires audiences of all ages. Highly credible with more than 30 years of experience presenting sensitive and vital issues that confront today’s audiences in a manner that will make a profound impact.