Signature Academic Center

Distinctives of an Academic Center

A Signature Academic Center is an entity that collaborates with a host University, Seminary, College, or School and encompasses undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and continuing education certificate courses that are focused on a specific content area. The Center features the brand and signature work of a leading expert in a particular area of study.

Academic Centers provide key distinctives exclusively to the host university, college, or seminary:

Increases Student Enrollment

Showcases Signature Work / Brand by a Leading Expert

Creates New Revenue Streams

Enhances Marketing & Promotions

Becomes a Catalyst for Fundraising

Engages Strategic Partnership Organizations to Build Enrollment

IG Transmedia Team Role

Contracts with Leading Brand Expert

Conceptualization of the Center

Design and Creation of the Treatment

(print & digital)

Negotiate contract terms with the host university

Consult with host university on marketing, integration, and enrollment strategy

Recruit high-performance team members for University / Church as needed

Build B.A., M.A., doctoral, and Continuing Education Certificate Online Courses

IGT Development team includes:

  • Project Manager
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  • Instructional Designer (ID)
  • Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Videographer

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The Academic Center is mission-driven, promotes scholarly activity in research, and is licensed exclusively to one University, seminary, college, or school.

The Academic Center is supported by the host university's infrastructure, including finance/budget requirements and Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). IGT collaborates with the host University in aggressive marketing, cobranding, enrollment, and retention efforts.

The Academic Center is delivered through the exclusive host University's Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS is the software platform to deliver and manage instructional content, online course administration, and course progress tracking.

IGT team members work with the host university's IT personnel to maximize the Academic Center's marketing and enrollment. Continuing Education Courses allow the installation of easy-to-manage alternative host software with the added dimension of e-commerce.

The Academic Center integrates into the Student Information System (SIS). The SIS is a management system used to maintain all student data. IGT team members interface with host university IT personnel to create effective SIS in course grading, course event tracking, student information, program completion auditing, and integration with the CRM and LMS.

Signature Academic Centers uniquely provide events to recruit and retain students and are entirely online while maintaining a physical presence at the host university. Centers have a global footprint because of their online feature. They collaborate and collate the digital databases of strategic partner organizations to increase student enrollment and expand the University's brand and enrollment.

Understanding the importance of growth and scale, IGT participates in onsite visits to meet with university faculty and administration on a scheduled basis. IGT provides visionary leadership for the Center and assists in the educational vision and approach in collaboration with the Provost, Dean(s), and development team.

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